Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Remove Scratches And Dings From Your Car

Fix It
is a fast scratch remover that safely removes scratches, dings, and nicks from your car's finish quickly and easily.You can save a great deal of money by doing it your self. The simple to use Fix it system has every thing you need to get started.

This is the product body shops don't want you to know about. Why would they want you to know about a product that can save you well over $100 on repair bills. With Fix It you do the repair yourself and save big. My friend Jim runs a car rental agency and used to spend a lot of money to get the cars in shape for resale. Then he found out about Fix It and now saves a ton repairing the fleet in house. You can save money fix your scratches and make your car look new again. Even a kid can use Fix It.

The fast action scratch remover from Simoniz is the easiest way to remove scratches on your own.

  • Goes on clear, dries clear, so it's virtually invisible

  • The resins fill the scratch while UV hardeners cure in natural sunlight

  • Repairs scratches like magic

  • No sanding tools or hard labor

  • For your car, for your home
You get in your Fix It Kit:

  • 2 Fix It! Pro Pens
  • Fix It! Home
  • Microfiber Polishing Cloth

  • Simoniz Turbo Vac (Just pay separate S&H)

You can buy Fix It Here!

You might have seen the Billy Mays commercials for fix it if not.

For full information on how to repair scratch dings and dents learn more here!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dent Out Cross Bar Ding Repair Kit

This easy to use, inexpensive Glue Puller Kit allows for simple, cost efficient removal of small to medium dents/dings on all panels of your vehicle. More and more, light gauge sheet metal is being used in the construction of vehicles. You can actually dent many new cars by simply leaning against them. Dent Out Glue puller kits allow the do-it-your-selfers, a professional option to expensive dent removal services.

Learn More About Dent Out Cross Bar Ding Repair Kit Here!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dent King

No more dents. Very easy to use system the Ding King Repair Kit will pay for it's self after just one use.

  • Simply glue a dent pulling tab to the center of the dent
  • Place pulling bridge over dent pulling tab
  • Twist turning knob onto dent pulling tab and twist till it pops
  • Remove the glue with Ding King Solution or use any basic household rubbing alcohol
Ding King was originally designed for technicians to remove dents in difficult to reach areas. It soon became The Body Shop's Secret Tool.

Get full details on the Ding King Here!